Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Rude Valentine for Eli

It was revealed by Elizabeth Wong, PKR Assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan, Selangor, that on Valentine’s Day (last Saturday, 14 February 2009), she received the information regarding the impending exposure of her intimate photographs.

She alleged that the photographs were taken without her consent. She also vehemently said that she was not ashamed of her sexuality as a single unmarried woman, and that she has not broken any law. Nevertheless, Eli offered to resign from her posts as Selangor EXCO member and as Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman.

I sympathised with Eli. What was supposed to be a very private matter has become so public.

What was interesting was that Eli mentioned her suspicion that the whole revelation of the intimate photographs was part of a smear campaign against her party, PKR. Immediately, the spin doctors who are pro-Pakatan would point their fingers at UMNO or BN. I initially wondered why.

It is now revealed that Eli’s ex-Valentine is a Malay chap, and a member of PKR. (It is further noted that Eli’s current Valentine is also a Malay guy).

To me, as a non-Muslim, Eli may not have done any wrong.

However, it really show how morally unfit are some of the members of PKR. Led by Anwar (whose sexuality has been subject to question, rightly or wrongly), there have been a string of revelations against PKR’s assemblymen and members of Parliament. A PKR Kedah assemblyman, allegedly marrying somebody else’s wife, ex-PKR Perak assemblymen allegedly involved in sexual bribery case, a PKR Selangor assemblyman allegedly caught in close proximity with another woman by his own wife, and now a Malay PKR member exposing intimate photographs of his girlfriend who is a PKR Selangor assemblywoman.

And without fail, upon each revelation, PKR and their supporters would immediately point accusing fingers at UMNO or BN.

Be truthful. Most of PKR members are disgruntled persons. Most of PKR representatives in Parliament and the state assemblies were not properly vetted. Even a postman, a clerk and an amateur photographer managed to be elected. Street hooligans were also among them. They were elected because of the negative aura and sheer hatred against UMNO and BN during the last General Election, and not because PKR can do us Malaysians any good.

As I said earlier, as a non-Muslim, Elizabeth Wong may not have done anything wrong. But the Malay PKR member has committed major sins by having intimate relationship with a non-Muslim without properly marrying her, and also exposing indecent photographs of the lady. It really showed the screwed-up mentality of PKR members.

I’ll bet that Eli will not sue her ex-boyfriend. I’ll bet that Eli would pray that the case would not see the light of day. If the case goes to court, the Malaysian public will definitely hear a lot more intimate exposures on Eli.

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