Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As President Bush was shoed-out earlier, Vice President Cheney will be wheeled-out today

President George W. Bush’s 8-year term as the Head of State of arguably the only superpower in the world, the United States of America will end today, 20 January 2009. He will be succeeded by Barack Obama, the first African-American to be elected to the country’s highest office.

Bush’s presidency was marred by series of unfortunate events affecting America and the rest of the world.

Starting with the 9/11 attack, the only major attack by enemies on American home soil, Bush would be remembered as a wartime president. USA was involved in two wars during Bush’s presidency, the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war.

In both wars, America used her mighty and most sophisticated weapons against enemies’ targets. Regrettably, although we were told that precision controlled weapons were used, a lot of civilians (including women and children) were killed. Because it was committed by the United States, it is called “collateral damage”. If it were a non-US ally, it will be called war crime or genocide.

Yet America is still struggling to capture Osama bin Laden, the single person who they blamed to be the man behind the 9/11 attack.

Americans themselves are now suffering from the worst economic climate since the Great Depression, and partly blaming it on Bush’s economic policies.

The Americans had rated President George W. Bush as the worst president in US history.

Not only that Bush is so unpopular outside the United States of America, he is also not liked by his fellow Americans.

Hoping to be praised as the liberator of Iraq during his final visit to the country, George W. Bush was instead humiliated by the show-throwing incident. That really summed-up the general feeling towards Bush.

His hawkish Vice President, Dick Cheney, played a significant behind-the-scene role in United States’ foreign policies, including the two wars. Cheney was reportedly bruised during the process of moving out of the White House, and will be using a wheelchair during Barack Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony today.

In the end, President Bush was shoed-out, and now Vice President Cheney would be wheeled-out.

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