Monday, September 1, 2008

My Ramadhan Hypothesis

As a Muslim, I truly believe that the temptations from Satan are greatly curb during the month of Ramadhan.

Those who still commit sin would usually be habitual sinner and those who refuse to repent. Non-Muslims would still continue with their own lifestyles. Crimes would still be committed, either by Muslims or Non-Muslims.

But I believe that crimes committed during the month of Ramadhan would be committed by true criminal (Muslim or otherwise), who act based on their inner desire and lust. They should not blame outside influence for the crimes that they commit during Ramadhan. And that should apply to the killer(s) of Altantuya and the mastermind behind the crime.

If I were to prepare a thesis on criminology, I would like to statistically proof that on average, crime rate would be lowest during the month of Ramadhan. I would gather data from various cities in USA (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, etc), United Kingdom (London, Manchester etc), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth etc), France (Paris) and others (including in Muslim countries).

Since Muslim calendar is lunar-based, Ramadhan would cover all seasons over a period of 30 years. Thus the statistics would not be season-biased (in any case, we would be able to compare against crime rate in Australia, which has opposite seasonal period compared to USA and UK).

In summary, Jurublog’s Ramadhan hypothesis states that: “On average, crime rate would be lowest during the month of Ramadhan compared to other months of the year”.

Any takers to proof the hypothesis?

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