Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Atrocious advertorial by Universiti Tun Hussein Onn

This advertorial was published on 23 August 2008 in New Straits Times. It was in honour of Raja Zarith Sofia Sofiah, a linguist and prolific writer. She does not deserve this kind of salutation.

I think KUiTTHO (Kolej Universiti Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn) does not deserve the university status.


muse said...


i end up here from the link at chedet.com. well, im a graduate from uhtm@kuittho.

im agree with u, she didnt deserve that kind of appreciation. and FYI, her husband (u shud know who) is the universiti "Canselor".

well, this is politics, when u have power, u can get and do whatever u want.



Jurublog said...

Hi muse,

I am sorry to be misunderstood.

I have great respect towards YAM Raja Zarith Sofiah. She is a very eloquent writer, and I like to read her articles in the newspapers. I am a Johorean, and I am proud that my Tengku Mahkota has a very beautiful and intelligent consort. She is a great mother too.

What I meant in my post is that Raja Zarith Sofiah does not derserve such an ill-written salutation prepared by UTHO. The advertorial looks like a direct translation of its Malay version. I will be posting the Malay version soon.

I think Raja Zarith Sofiah deserves such recognition from an institute of higher learning, notwithstanding the fact that her husband is also the Chancellor.

My niece is also a graduate from UTHO. Personally, I think she would require extra effort to really improve her command of English. I hope my niece will progress well in her career.

And muse,
I write my blogs in English because I really want to improve my command of the language. I suggest that you do the same. For a start, avoid the abbreviations usually used in SMSes. Your comment, unfortunately, also carried some grammatical errors.

Evergreen said...

Hi Jurublog,

I feel comfortable reading your English.