Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lim Kit Siang to become DPM, and later, PM?

According to news report here, if Anwar were successful in forming the new federal government, DAP will propose Lim Kit Siang to play a “frontline” role. Does this mean that Anwar will appoint LKS as his DPM?

We all know that DAP is banking on Anwar to gather forces and wrest control of the federal government. They can’t rely on PAS to do that. They can’t even rely on Wan Azizah or other PKR top guns to do that. DAP simply will not trust other people in PKR to proceed with their grand plan for Malaysian Malaysia. Anwar is their one and only hope.

However, I think the appointment by Anwar of LKS as DPM will not happen. The Malays will not let it happen. The Sultans will not let it happen. The King will not let it happen.

DAP is banking on Anwar because of his political skills and mastery. They also know that Anwar carries with him cans of worms. Karpal, for one, has been actively quite lately. I have not seen him praising Anwar for his Permatang Pauh win or for Anwar’s election as the Opposition Leader. Karpal is the one person who asked PM Mahathir to take action against Anwar for the Sodomy 1998 case when Anwar was the DPM. And Karpal knows a lot more dark secrets about Anwar.

Should Anwar become PM, with LKS as DPM, DAP will start manoeuvring actions to blackmail Anwar. If the PM is under investigation for gross scandal, DPM will have to take over, and assume leadership role of the federal government. And LKS will become PM of Malaysia. With only 25% Chinese population in Malaysia, LKS will become leader and in control of Malays, Indians and others.

I hope that would not happen. At least not during my lifetime.

What may happen is that, if Pakatan takes control of the federal government, the Chinese will take control of major decision making process. Anwar owes that to them, and he has to. DAP will play a major role in Pakatan. There is no credible Malay in PKR who can assume senior posts in Pakatan-led government. Most Malay-PKR members are disgruntled ex-UMNO members who, among others, despised Khairy and the fourth floor boys. They have similar UMNO mentalities, and they will never bring better changes to Malaysia. The changes that Anwar proposes may already be part of the present government to-do lists. Anwar may have access to some of the future government plans and packaged it as his own.

PAS will not get prominent senior posts too. Anwar’s overseas backers would not like that to happen. Anwar will only become a pawn in DAP’s political game.

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wong said...

is there a plan ? these are merely speculations...dont reckoned this is what lim guan eng could mean a minister likely...dont need to speculate...let s not allow this issue to be used then