Monday, September 29, 2008

The food we consumed during Ramadhan

As I said before, what we do during the month of Ramadhan truly reflect our own desires, without the negative urges from Satan. However, habitual sinners will continue to commit sins. That is why I believe that people who commit serious crimes during the month of Ramadhan should be brought to justice and be severely punished as they would commit more harmful crimes and act more aggressively in the other months.

Our deed of fasting will not be rewarded by Allah if we continuously commit sins whilst fasting. Our act of fasting will only be physically strenuous and left us feeling hungry and thirsty if we failed to perform other religious obligations during this holy month.

It is appalling to know that (based on Harian Metro report today), some people broke fast (Iftar) by drinking beer, which is clearly forbidden (Haram) in Islam. In actual fact, this holy month of Ramadhan would be the best period to be steadfast and refrain from consuming forbidden food or performing undesirable habits (such as drinking beer or smoking). Some people might say that at least these people (who drank beer for Iftar) were good enough people because they actually observe the act of fasting. On the contrary, I believe that they did not have the spirit of fasting, lest they only physically abstain from drinking and eating during the day time. Their deed of fasting will only come to nought and will not be rewarded by Allah All Mighty.

Forbidden food is not only confined to the nature of the food or drink that is being consumed (e.g. pork, beer, wine and other intoxicated beverages, animal not slaughtered based on Muslim rites etc). A food is forbidden from being consumed by Muslims if they are purchased from forbidden sources, such as through stolen money or corruption. That is why some of the more pious among the Muslims would also refrain from consuming food presented to them by corrupt people.

Not many among us ordinary Muslims really adhere to the concept of Halal food i.e. food which can be consumed. Halal food should also be purchased from Halal sources of income. For instance, normal bread will become Haram and forbidden from being consumed if it is purchased from lottery winnings.

When the pirates from Somalia hijacked MISC tankers (Bunga Melati 2 and 5) in the Gulf of Aden, we were told that the Muslim hijackers prefer to hijack Malaysian vessels because the MISC vessels have plenty of Halal food rations. Didn’t the hijackers realise that even the Halal food rations would become Haram to them? Isn’t it actually as good as them consuming beef from any other non-Muslim vessels? And why did they continue their act of hijacking during Ramadhan? Aren’t they not real sinners? How can they claim to support a Muslim state in Somalia if they source their wealth through such illegal means?

I pray for the save release of our fellow Malaysians on board of Melati 2, and their save journey back (together with the released crew members of Melati 5) in time for Aidil Fitri.

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