Friday, September 5, 2008

Mob rule under Anwar-led PKR

We all know that the just concluded Permatang Pauh by-election has been dubbed as the most intimidating and violent election ever in Malaysia. A lot of opposition supporters from outside Permatang Pauh camped there to overwhelm the BN election machinery. UMNO supporters have been particularly subjected to intimidations and abuses by PKR supporters. A few senior UMNO officials were also targeted.

Such level of intimidation and abuses never happen before the formation of PKR. PKR introduced the culture since it was formed in late 1990s. It follows closely with Anwar’s student-day tactics in the early 1970s.

Groups of guards were formed by PKR to citizen-control the crowd on election day, since their leader/ candidate has formally told them that the police cannot be trusted. The guards were supposed to weed out potential phantom voters. But with 81% voters turnout and 31,000 votes for Anwar, I wonder whether PKR themselves managed to slip in their own phantom voters to ensure Anwar’s win. After all, Anwar and the gang know very well how phantom voters work.

Psych-war and forward attack are both very evident in Anwar-led PKR. Intimidating and speculation-laden SMSes swirled around as part of their tactical strategy. For example, SMS were sent out to ask certain people to collect money from the UMNO candidate. That, they hope, would be a basis to proof vote buying on UMNO’s part. Anwar forward attack strategy was initiated against IGP Tan Sri Musa and AG Gani Patail by reporting them for alleged abuse of power during Anwar’s 1998 case, and thus disqualifying both of them from taking any role in Saiful-Sodomy II investigation.

There are a lot of PKR-initiated SMSes swirling around the nation before, during and after the election. A lot of SMSes claiming Anwar arrest under ISA spread before the by-election. Now, leading to 16 September 2008, the SMSes include chronology of events that were supposed to occur prior to the D-Day.

One of the SMSes also claimed that IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan was paralysed and in critical condition following his heart by-pass surgery. I think that has gone too far. I personally admire Tan Sri Musa, since his days as CID director. He is a good cop, and I never doubted his strict sense of rule.

I also deplore PKR’s doa against Tan Sri Musa. May Allah give His divine retribution during the holy month of Ramadhan to those spreading malicious lies on Tan Sri Musa and to those who perform such doa.

I am very unnerved with the mob tactics by PKR under Anwar’s leadership. These people have a lot of vengeance in them. Their emotions are being played up, particularly by Anwar, with his rhetoric.

We do not want to end up with mob rule under Anwar-led PKR.

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