Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama and the USA racial voting pattern

When Obama announced that he will be running for President of the USA, I told my friends that he may not be able to obtain the nomination from the Democrats. And even if he managed to obtain the nomination, it will be difficult for him to get enough votes to win the Presidency. My main reason: Obama lacked the vital support from the Jew lobbyists, who will be the main source of campaign funds. He may need enough money to stay in the running. In USA, the candidate who can spend enough money during the campaigning period will usually be the victor.

I was wrong.

Obama managed to collect substantial amount of campaign funds, through various unprecedented sources like the internet and others. His donors included students and ordinary folks who were so fed-up with the current Bush administration.

Obama won because of the financial turmoil, and people wanted change because they were angry with the current Republican President’s failure to tackle the economic woes.

If not for the financial turmoil, McCain would have been the winner.

I said that because I still believe that the White Americans will be hesitant to vote for a Black President. Unless they have a very good reason to do that.

However, based on the exit poll, on Nation-wide basis, only 43% White Americans voted for Barack Obama, whilst 55% voted for McCain. Barack Obama largely won because the Black American came out in droves to vote, and hence the very high voters' turnout. 95% of Black voters voted for Obama, with only 5% of them voted for MCain. The tilt towards Obama actually came from Latinos, Asians and other voters when 2/3 of this voter segment chose Obama.

Racial voting is still apparent in USA, with the Black American trying to make sure that their kind will be the next President. Nation-wide, White Americans were more liberal, resulting in the tilt towards Obama.

Obama didn't manage to penetrate the Southern states, where white supremacists still exist. In Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, Obama managed less than 15% of White votes, otherwise only 30% of Whites voted for him.

Obama will have a heavy task to win the hearts of the White Americans, as they hold the keys to the economic recovery process.

Good luck and all the best to him. We hope for the best. And we hope that he will last his tenure without any untoward incident.

One thing that I noticed: Typing "Obama" on the new version of Microsoft Word will no longer result in typo error "red squiggle". Perhaps Bill Gates and the gang have earlier embraced that Obama is no longer an alien name in America.

My analysis of the White Americans voting pattern for Presidential Election 2008, as follows:-

Note: % vote for Obama - % vote for McCain

Where Obama lost (Overwhelming rejection by Whites - 23 states)
Alabama 10-88
Mississippi 11-88
Louisiana 14-84
Georgia 23-76
Texas 26-73
South Carolina 26-73
Oklahoma 29-71
Arkansas 30-68
Utah 31-66
Wyoming 32-66
Alaska 32-65
Idaho 33-65
Tennessee 34-63
North Carolina 35-64
Kentucky 36-63
Kansas 40-59
Arizona 40-59
Nebraska 41-57
West Virginia 41-57
South Dakota 41-56
North Dakota 42-55
Missouri 42-57
Montana 45-52

Obama won without White majority votes (9 states)
Virginia 39-60
Florida 42-56
New Mexico 42-56
Nevada 45-53
Indiana 45-54
Ohio 46-52
Maryland 47-49
Pennsylvania 48-51
New Jersey 49-50

All round support for Obama (18 states, and DC)
District of Columbia 86-12
Hawaii 70-27
Vermont 68-31
Oregon 59-41
Rhode Island 58-39
Maine 58-40
Washington 57-41
Massachusetts 57-42
New Hampshire 54-44
Wisconsin 54-45
Minnesota 53-46
Delaware 53-45
California 52-46
New York 52-46
Iowa 51-47
Michigan 51-47
Illinois 51-48
Connecticut 51-46
Colorado 50-48

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