Friday, March 20, 2009

Elizabeth Wong should not remain as Selangor EXCO member

This weekend, Khalid Ibrahim is scheduled to meet with Elizabeth Wong to discuss her political positions as a Selangor EXCO member and assemblywoman.

Granted, Eli is a single, unmarried woman, and she is a non-Muslim. She did not breach any law by sleeping with a man.

But Eli is a public figure, and an EXCO member in the State of Selangor. As a politician and a state assemblywoman, Eli should be more discerning in her selection of sleeping partner.

Eli should not have picked a Muslim man to be her boyfriend and sleeping partner, unless she is married to the man. In a Muslim-majority country such as Malaysia, sex outside marriage is still a taboo. Sex outside marriage (zina) is a major sin to Muslims. A non-Muslim committing zina with a Muslim person would not be seen positively, especially to the devoted, practising Muslims.

If a non-Muslim commits zina, he or she will not be punished under Shariah law. Only the Muslim partner will be subjected to punishment under the Muslim law.

In this case, Eli’s partner and lover, who has since gone missing, would be subjected to punishment under Islamic law.

Eli, as she rightly pointed out herself, did not commit any crime, and she would not be subjected to any punishment in law. On the other hand, Eli has committed wrongful deed involving a Muslim man. It would have been okay if she was involved with another non-Muslim person.

I think Eli should maintain her stand to quit her EXCO post.

I also do not think that PKR is bold enough to accept Eli’s resignation as assemblywoman, as PKR would not want to be involved in another messy by-election.

Khalid’s and PKR’s continued acceptance of Elizabeth Wong as a Selangor EXCO member will reflect their tolerance level against moral improprieties. Private conduct should not be judged if it remains private, but once the conduct becomes public knowledge, public judgment will kick in. Sex outside marriage was tolerated decades ago in the West, but has now become norm even in Malaysia. Gay activities and bi-sexuality are now norm in the West, and are becoming more prevalent in Malaysia. Should we also then tolerate gay activities, and support a bi-sexual Prime Minister?

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