Sunday, April 5, 2009

1General 1Major 1Malaysia

This is about Najib, Rosmah and the nation.

When he was the Defence Minister, Najib delivered an anecdotal speech regarding the General and the Major. In the anecdote, Najib likened himself as the General in his household. His wife, Rosmah, is likened as the Major. Najib will make the general decisions whilst Rosmah will always make the major decisions.

Several people had mentioned to me that Rosmah really bossed around Najib, as well as around Najib’s staff members (i.e. government officials). Her demand for attention is legendary.

It is difficult to imagine that Rosmah will change her attitude, now that Najib is the Prime Minister of Malaysia. If Najib is not careful in controlling his wife’s behaviour, Rosmah may end up as the de facto Prime Minister. It may affect Najib’s effectiveness as the Prime Minister.

I personally have high hopes for Najib to turnaround UMNO and BN, and re-establish the people’s confidence in the ruling coalition. His actions thus far are positive.

Najib is a man of vast experience. In fact, he has more experience in the government as compared to Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim. Unlike Anwar, whose meteoric rise in the government had made him power crazy and unceremoniously dismissed, Najib’s tenure in the government has been broad and measured.

In 1978, at the age of 25, Najib was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Energy, Telecommunication and Post, then Deputy Minister of Education, and then after, Deputy Minster of Finance.

Najib full ministerial post started with Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, then Ministry of Youth and Sports, followed by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Finance. Of course, Najib was the Deputy Prime Minister during Pak Lah’s tenure as the Prime Minister.

Unlike Pak Lah, who had been the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the 1990s, and known by international diplomats, Najib is relatively unknown to his foreign counterparts. But I think, Najib would be able to make his mark at the international stage soon.

To be fair, Najib is a doer, and he delivered himself when he headed the various ministries, and very well liked by the respective ministries’ staff members. He was a good Minister of Education. He increased the morale of our army during his tenure as the Defence Minister. And Najib has made an impact as the current Minister of Finance.

We all know of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim’s desperate attempts to discredit Najib and his attempts to ensure that Najib will not be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I think that Anwar will continue his onslaughts against Najib, and will poke holes on Najib’s reputation. It would be much easier for the opposition to do that, if Rosmah continues with her arrogant ways.

The 1Malaysia concept will likely be more effective if the 1General really take charge of the country’s affairs, and leave the 1Major in the supporting role at home. If not, the country will have 1Major problem.


joetamchi said...

banyak yg berkata datin sri rosmah
lebih sudu dari kuah,
blanja duit rakyat mcm duit sendri,

denaihati said...

Memang aku ada dengar juga cerita 1Major ni..harap jangan ianya jadi kejatuhan PM ke 6 seperti KJ menjatuhkan PM ke 5

joetamchi said...

Suka-suka lak ahli parlimen cina kafir baca surah Quran guna utk berkempen,
Agama Islam bukan utk dipolitikkan..
Semoga cina kafir terkutuk tu akan mendapat hidayah Allah....
Selama mana dia tidak mendapat hidayah dari Nya...
Maka korang semua hendaklah mengutuknya...sekutuk-kutuknya....
Ada yg lebih berani dari sekadar mengutuk....?????
Lakukanlah tanggungjawab anda.....