Monday, April 13, 2009

DPM Muhyiddin’s baptism of fire

Muhyiddin must have forgotten that today’s political situation in Malaysia is such that
1) The Malays cannot speak in support of the Malays; and
2) The Malays cannot speak about any shortcomings of the non-Malays.

Scene One –

In an interview published in Mingguan Malaysia on Sunday, Muhyiddin laments the lack of support from the Chinese and Indian voters in Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang which led to Barisan Nasional defeat to PKR and PAS respectively. Based on the voting patterns during the by-elections, it was estimated that BN won 55% to 60% of the Malay votes, but that was not enough as 70% to 90% of Chinese voters voted for the opposition.

And these are the reactions to DPM Muhyiddin’s remarks:-

Gerakan, MCA rebuke DPM over ‘ungrateful Chinese voters’ – The Malaysian Insider
Kit Siang shocked by DPM’s ungrateful Chinese’ comment – The Malaysian Insider
Cina, India bukan peminta sedekah – Malaysiakini

Scene Two –

During PM Pak Lah’s administration, everybody tends to air their grievances. Things were so chaotic that government ministers started criticising another, and component parties had a go at each other. At the same time, Pak Lah maintained his elegant silence.

I think Najib’s administration would like the mudslingings to stop. Hence, when it was informed that MIC was not satisfied with the party’s representation in Najib’s cabinet, DPM Muhyiddin (rightly so) advised them to meet PM Najib in person to air the grievances.

And this is the reaction from the new media:-

Be quiet, Muhyiddin tells MIC – The Malaysian Insider

I guess the negative reporting against the new administration will continue in so far as The Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini are concern. Malaysia Today will happily ‘cut and paste’ the stories from these new media and enjoy the vicious remarks posted by its commentators.

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