Sunday, August 24, 2008

ABU - Anything Besides UMNO aka Asal Bukan UMNO

ABU seems to be the party of choice at the current moment.

There are so much negative vibes on UMNO that anything that is being done to positively support the main Malay-based party will be ignored or attacked. On the other hand, anything that is being done by the opposition will be accepted as truthful.

The non-Malays had virtually abandoned UMNO during the 8 March General Election. And UMNO has yet to regain support from the non-Malays well after the General Election. Even some UMNO party members are still distancing themselves from the party.

People (especially the non-Malays) still believes that Anwar is no sodomite, despite the swearing on Quran by Saiful. People still believes that Najib was involved in Altantuya’s murder, despite Najib’s recent swear in the Mosque.

Anwar’s reasoning for not swearing on the sodomy case is well accepted as very logical by the non-Malays, and supported by PAS. They believe that Anwar has no cronies, despite the known fact that he had nurtured many of them during his tenure in the government, and that they will be re-activated once he is back in power. They also believe that Anwar has no money, despite Permatang Pauh flourishing with PKR banners and other election goodies at PKR’s booths.

Statutory declarations issued by the opposition will simply be accepted as gospel truth. Never mind whether they border around criminal defamation. Najib and/or Rosmah were believed to be involved in the murder because there is statutory declaration to that effect. Now they are being accused of practising non-Islamic rituals. Anwar is not guilty because the Pusrawi doctor issued a statutory declaration. Anything else to point on Anwar's guilt will be part of government's conspiracy.

I blame the ABU syndrome on Pak Lah. He should realise that he is the main reason for the current fall of UMNO - he is a very weak leader.

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