Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Indian Connection

You would have noticed lately that even the mainstream media have been vocal about the Malays and Islam: Star, Sun, FinancialDaily and the weekend business magazine, TheEdge included. Their alternative media counterparts such as, Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider tend to behave similarly.

Some of their articles seem to imply that most Malaysian agreed that the Bar Council was right and should continue to voice out and organise more events such as the open forum on conversion to Islam. The articles also seem to imply the most Malaysian deplored the protest organised by “mostly UMNO sympathisers” who violently disrupted the open forum that the organisers were forced to end it prematurely. It didn’t matter that the presence of Zulkifli Nordin (PKR) and Salahuddin Ayub (PAS) actually indicated a large presence of non-UMNO members in the protest.

They would run negative views on any attempt of unity talk between the Malay dominated parties. They will support any proposal that to reduce Malay quota on anything. They will highlight that affirmative actions undertaken to improve Malay wellbeing were things of the past. In essence, the theme should be Malaysian Malaysia.

What I noticed was that almost all of the writers of such articles were Indians. There are a lot of Indian journalists out there, and they seemed to take advantage of their numbers in the media to carry out their own agenda. They used their positions to articulate their views and form opinions on behalf of the minority. Slowly, they are also trying to legitimise the Hindraf agenda. Words uttered by Karpal will be given prominence.

The Bar Council is also headed by one of them, and use the position to the best of their advantage. A lot of them are also active members of the Bar Council. One of the prominent senior judges is a relative of the Bar Council president. They can, and they may try to control or greatly influence the judiciary in Malaysia.

Let’s not forget the Malays and Muslims formed the majority of the Malaysian population. Be aware that most MPs are Malay, and likewise the majority number of state assemblymen.

The Malays cannot afford to let these Indian minority opinion makers to take advantage of our currently weak leadership to run down the Malays, as well as Muslims.

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