Saturday, August 9, 2008

I still miss Mahathir

I just came back from a dinner organised by Perdana Leadership Foundation. The keynote speaker was none other than Malaysian Fourth Prime Minister and the architect of Vision 2020, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

His speech was full of wisdom. I can't wait to read the text of the speech. He kept me captivated with his predictions of major trends affecting our country towards 2020. I sacrificed the opening ceremony of the Olympics just to hear him in person.

He talked about the need to improve our transport infrastructure (interstate rail lines), need to increase wages (to attract talents and increase productivity), need to improve agriculture production (via technology e.g. hydroponics) etc etc.

Pity that the present adminstration opted to set him aside and not tapping on his wisdom. When I talked to foreigners (especially from middle east and the developing countries like the Americas), they were always envious to the fact that we have Mahathir who is so visonary and who guided us towards industrialisation. At the same breath, the lamented to the fact that we never continue to use him while he still around, alive and kicking, and still very full of ideas.

It is okay for the people in power to take a step back, lower the ego, and get Tun to advise on certain matters. Even the Pas government in Kedah saw the wisdom in Tun.

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