Monday, August 25, 2008

My own Anwarphobia

I have to reiterate that I am just an ordinary Malay guy who is not affiliated to any party, whether UMNO, PAS or PKR. I am no government stooge.

I am also patriotic. I am among the few Malaysians who actually made a point to fly the Malaysian flags on my car and outside my house during the Merdeka month, every year.

But I am afraid that UMNO has not regained its strength to ensure BN’s victory in Permatang Pauh tomorrow, 26 August 2008. I think Anwar will win the by-election. A result other than a win for Anwar will be loudly condemned by the opposition and swiftly echoed by US and other Anwar’s allies overseas.

Although there’s a lot of imported PKR supporters brought in Permatang Pauh during the campaign period as a show of strength, and to ensure that Anwar’s speeches are well attended, the actual local voters themselves are mostly hardcore Anwar’s supporters.

I am afraid of Anwar’s win in the Permatang Pauh by-election. I do not trust Anwar. He is a habitual liar, and will speak ambiguously just to hide the truth.

He dared to ask his opponents to reveal the names of his cronies, as if he has no cronies. His na├»ve supporters will view that as Anwar’s sincere confirmation that he has none of those. They will never check the list of Anwar’s cronies appearing in the blogs.

As I predicted in my earlier writing, Anwar and his supporters have downplayed Saiful’s swearing. Saiful was attacked from all corners: that the swearing did not conform to the true Islamic teachings, that it is a political conspiracy, that Saiful was handsomely paid to swear, that the witnesses were instructed by the power-that-be to be present at the swearing ceremony etc. The significance and major implications of the swear on Quran were never discussed by Anwar’s supporters.

I do not expect Anwar to do a Saiful (i.e. to swear on Quran, that is). Anwar will definitely not swear on Quran to state that he did not commit anal intercourse on Saiful or that he had never committed anal intercourse. My simple posting to was censored, even though I just tried to post a simple statement saying my opinion that he will never dare to swear on such statement.

I have scanned Anwar’s statements in respect of the sodomy allegations from 28 June 2008 until today. He was being evasive all the time, saying that the allegation is another conspiracy, that the allegation will never stick, that Saiful was just a coffee boy etc. He never directly said aloud that he did not commit the act. I just want to hear Anwar saying this statement: "That I, Anwar Ibrahim, did not commit anal intercourse on Saiful and I have never committed anal intercourse on anyone". No need to swear in the name of God. Just make that simple, clear statement to deny Saiful’s allegation.

By not making a clear statement of denial, I have doubts in Anwar’s sincerity. DAP will use Anwar to gain control of the federal government. Karpal will use his knowledge of Anwar’s earlier misadventures to ensure that Anwar’s policies will be in line with DAP’s ideology of Malaysian Malaysia. (Remember that Karpal was one of the first persons who pressured Pm Mahathir to act action against his then deputy). Anwar’s allies and financial supporters from overseas will use the same loophole (no pun intended) to ensure that no prominent PAS figures will be given important posts in Anwar’s cabinet. Should Anwar run foul of US’ policies, the international media will swiftly remind the whole world of Anwar’s black history.

In effect, Malaysia under Anwar will be a stooge of foreign powers. Malaysia under Anwar will be an effective tool to implement Malaysian Malaysia, undermine the privileges given to Bumiputeras, and hasten the route to Republic of Malaysia.

That's my Predictive Scenario. My own Anwarphobia.


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