Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Populist approach

The Prime Minister spoke today. He effectively blamed Anwar Ibrahim for spooking the Malaysian economy.

And I realised that it was Monday. The Prime Minister seldom worked during the weekends. You will not see him making headlines in Sunday or Monday newspapers because he almost refrained from working during the weekends. He thought that he was always too busy during the working days that he would require a good rest and recharge for the week ahead.

Back to the Prime Minister’s remarks on Anwar. The PM should realise that Anwar dared to act as such because he knew that the government leadership is weak. And we cannot afford a weak government in a multi-racial Malaysia.

With Anwar, a Malay, acting as such and being very vocal against a Malay-dominated government, the non-Malays have increased their attacks on almost everything Malay.

You will not be able to speak on Malay rights as you will be instantly bombarded as being racist. You cannot speak on the need to maintain Malay unity as you will be stamped as racist. You cannot voice against the open forum on conversion to Islam as you are curbing freedom of speech.

If you post a comment on Malaysia Today to defend the Malay rights you will be instantly bombarded with nasty remarks from the other readers. Other alternative media such as Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini, dominated by non-Malay journalists, have also been attacking government affirmative actions, whilst defending attacks on Malays.

Such were the effect of Anwar’s populist approach. I think that it is a dangerous approach, and may lead to dangerous consequences.

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