Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Greatest Olympian Ever

I watched Usain Bolt making history by clocking 9.69 seconds over 100 metres. That was a very fast time indeed.

He could have gone faster. He was practically cruising to celebrate over the last 10 metres of the race. I was actually so annoyed at his attitude. He could have beaten Tyson Gay’s 9.68 seconds recorded under wind-assisted condition.

But then, his main aim is to be the Olympic champion. Beating world record may only be his secondary aim.

I admire Michael Phelps’ attitude. He wanted to be the best by winning a record 8 gold medals in the 08.08.08 Olympic. And he did it in style, delivering 7 world records and 8 Olympic games records during the course of his unprecedented 8 gold medal haul. He is the winningest athlete in the history of the Olympics with 14 gold medals. He is now the greatest ever Olympian of all time.

On the other hand, our quest for the Olympic gold remained elusive with the lost of Lee Chong Wei. He would have done it in style by winning against Lin Dan, at the world champion’s home soil. Chong Wei should nevertheless be proud that he is the only Malaysian capable of bringing back a medal in this year’s Olympic.

We would have achieved our Olympic gold medal more easily should Squash be part of the Olympic games. Nicol Ann David could have been our first Olympic champion.

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