Friday, August 22, 2008

Pak Lah's perceived communication problem

I went for my Friday prayers at Masjid Putrajaya today. I saw Pak Lah entering the mosque during the second part of the sermon. Late as usual, even for Friday prayers.

But then, if he were to come earlier, he would have slept during the sermon. That would also be not right.

Pak Lah really has a perceived communication problem. When I went to Kongres Ekonomi Bumiputera at PWTC last month, I fell asleep during his speech because it was so boring and not inspirational at all. And I was not the only person who fell asleep during the speech. Almost all of my friends dozed off, and at least one went back home in the middle of Pak Lah’s speech because it was so torturing to him. At times during the speech, Pak Lah raised his voice a bit, to stress certain points. A saw certain members of the audience waking up from their slumber and started to clap. And Pak Lah would have thought that the audience were indeed fascinated with his speech.

When I asked a journalist who was seated next to me on the gist of the speech, the reporter himself politely said to me that it was usual for journalists to listen to Pak Lah’s blabber. They will reconvene among themselves later to decide what story to write on Pak Lah.

Such is our current the state of affairs. When people talk, Pak Lah sleeps. And when Pak Lah talks, people will fell asleep. When people talk, Pak Lah seldom listens. He only listen to the selected few around him. Likewise, when Pak Lah speaks, the people would rather not listen. That's because of the flip floping of decisions. Such is the communication problem between the government and the people at large.

So when Pak Lah made a sincere effort to experience first hand the problems with the current public transportation system, even BigDog suggested that it has to do with more money for Scomi. See

That is all because it is rare to see Pak Lah being on the ground. Just to share my own experience, on more than several occasions during Mahathir’s time, I would bump into Mahathir during weekends, making unofficial visits to certain spots in KL city (Central Market, Dataran Merdeka, etc) to look at its cleanliness and other stuffs. And Mahathir would write notes onto his little pocket notebook on matters of interest to him. Perhaps those were action notes to be given to the relevant authorities then. And Mahathir did those spot checks without the fanfare of journalists and TV crews.

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