Saturday, August 9, 2008

When the Malays are not well positioned

It is regrettable that the Malaysian Bar Council decided to go ahead with the public forum on conversion to Islam.

Unfortunately, the Bar Council is currently headed by a non-Muslim. In the name of free speech, the Bar Council decided to set aside the protest warnings given by various parties (including their Muslim peers) and went ahead with such open forum to discuss a very sensitive issue. Their choice of panellists ensured that the issue was discussed from the point of view of non-Muslims as being the aggrieved party.

The Malay lawyers should be more active in the Bar Council. They should lead the Bar Council. Currently, the Malay lawyers are too busy minding their own political careers (our de facto Law Minister included).

(By the way, did you hear any views from the Minister in respect of the forum? I did not.)

In my opinion, by going ahead with today’s event, the Bar Council should be excluded from being represented in the Judicial Commission (if it is ever set up). They have shown their biasness towards Islam, and they will eventually support appointment of Judges based on that premise. We may end up having all non-Muslim Judges presiding a case involving Islam.

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