Friday, May 1, 2009

Chedet’s blog: After 1 year, 204 postings and 18.75 million visitors

Tun Dr Mahathir posted his first article on at 1.27 am on 1 May 2008, one year ago.

His blog became an instant hit. touched 1 million hits before its first month in the blogosphere. At one point (in mid-June 2008), due to overwhelming number of comments posted on, the site host, erroneously classified chedet’s blog as “suspected spam blog”.

Tun then transferred his blog to movable type, where it remains until today. Tun also moved from the trademark to a slightly meek

Chedet’s blog remains as the leading and most quoted blog in Malaysia. The Malaysian Insider, for example, loves to negatively spin Mahathir’s views as posted on chedet’s blog. Malaysia Today will simply cut and paste chedet’s articles and let its commentators to throw mud at Tun. I am sure those same commentators at The Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Today were also regular visitors at chedet’s blog. But they prefer to throw negative comments out of Mahathir’s sight. I am sure Tun would like to read the comments direct from his blog.

Unlike, chedet’s blog would not unnecessarily block negative comments. I was told that Tun would personally read and approve all comments. I think the non-ICT savvy Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim would leave it to his administrator to do all the work at Anwar's blog. Almost all my comments on were blocked by its administrator.

I like to frequent chedet’s blog because Tun always discuss very current topics of interest. And Tun’s views were always thought provoking.

I hope our elder statesman will continue to share his views through the blogosphere.

Long live Tun Dr Mahathir!

(This is Jurublog’s 100th posting)


bro brotherhood, said...

I second to dat Bro JBlog,..heheh..wat else can I say,.. Tun M, d True Statesman, of a kind & a Living Legend,..heheh,..wat else can I say,..(,")

bro brotherhood, said...

oopsy,..congrats for ur 100th posting,..heheh,..apo nak dikato,..(,")

redzuank said...

MT is just bunch of culprit.
I was there commenting negatively about them since they were trying to politize fatwa's on yoga.
As a result of a so-call "Freedom of Speech" my id has been blocked to comment.
This is so-call “Freedom of Speech” only accepts comment in line with ‘em. You cannot negate ‘em or else you get same result as me.
Now demonizes those so call “Freedom of Speech” blog (MT).
Long Live Mahathir!!!

Jurublog said...


Sila baca posting lama Jurublog bertajuk "Censorship ala Malaysia Today" (Ogos 2008) dan "Kenapa tidak menyiarkan komen Jurublog" (November 2008) untuk pengalaman Jurublog sendiri dalam arena laman web RPK dan PKR.