Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ooi Nurul Izzah! Don’t be a lousy MP!

To those who live in Bangsar, you would have noticed that the traffic lights at Jalan Ara have not been functioning since last week.

When Shahrizat Jalil was the Member of Parliament for Lembah Pantai, any faulty traffic lights, potholes and other minor inconveniences endured by the people of Bangsar and Lembah Pantai will be attended to almost within 24 hours.

During the tenure of Shahrizat, faulty traffic lights of more than 2 days were almost never heard of.

However, since Bangsar and Lembah Pantai voters elected Nurul Izzah as their Member of Parliament, the residents had to endure with potholes, unattended faulty traffic lights and other disturbing inconveniences routinely.

Crime rate has increased. There’s a marked rise in snatch thief incidents. Samseng Jalanan remains a menace along Jalan Bangsar.

Nurul Izzah is definitely not my choice for MP. She didn’t get my vote, and may never get my vote, ever.

Wake up girl! Don’t just follow Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim’s rhetoric.

(Note: I have posted my comments at Lets see how slow she will react).


A Voice said...

It should be easier for her to relate it to Najib and the Altantunya murder case :)

Captain Aimran said...

Hey there.

Firstly I'm a Barisan sympathiser and definitely not a PKR supporter and never will be. I have been living in Bangsar for 23 years apart from the 4 when I was overseas.

1) Izzah has only been in term for just over a year so I guess it's still too early to see/say if the crime rate has risen in her time. It did go up during Shahrizat's time as well.

2) Under Izzah, there were unnecessary repaving of roads around Bangsar, particularly the ones in the housing area which are still in good condition. It's sad to see the main road Jln Ma'arof with potholes.

It's been only a year plus since 03/08. We'll see how this goes, Izzah.